Private Workshops

Resonate offers private workshops for groups of all sizes. Private workshops on vibrational sharing, connection and singing can be a great way to foster relationships and build teams. It is no accident that much folk music from civilisations around the world has arisen from people working together. Singing together is known to create supportive and harmonious working relationships and develop a sense of working towards a common goal. Georgian folk music has inherent in it a sense of “unity in diversity” which is essential and transferable to the modern workplace – that is, the notion that each person need not lose their individual voice in order to strengthen the whole, and indeed it is not desirable that they do. Through exercises, games and songs it is possible to bring this method into any group, team or corporate culture. Get in touch to learn more.

Thoroughly enjoyed it

I appreciated your energy and encouragement; for sharing a different way of accessing my voice and for feeling my (and others’) ‘vibration’… it was a lovely, subjective, felt way of accessing my voice that felt new to me.

Private workshop participant
September 11, 2023

A liberating experience

I left the workshop with a new feeling of calm, a soothing in my chest I hadn’t felt before! I hadn’t expected to feel so liberated and this experience has taught me that resonating with others is important for my well-being. I didn’t know I could use my voice in this way, it was very healing.

Private workshop participant
September 15, 2023

A warm, nourishing and energising afternoon

It was great to explore my voice and feel the vibrations from it in my body, really helpful to embody it more and feel connected to it in a different way.

Private workshop participant
September 12, 2023