Resonate @ Kingsbury

This five week project in July 2023 brought together members of the congregation of St Andrew’s, Kingsbury, as well as non-church goers from the surrounding area, to take part in fun and engaging singalong sessions, culminating in an informal concert. The aim was to build on the church’s rich musical tradition and to provide some social singing for the diverse local community. 



“Very enjoyable – brought a diverse group together in a related atmosphere with a common purpose”

“It was a wonderful experience”

“The sessions brought people together from outside the congregation, as well as the congregation”

“I have learnt so many things about singing and do not want it to end”

“Very rewarding community activity”

“We need to do more of this type of activity as it has brought different members of the community together in a fun way”

“Brilliant experience”

“Very interesting and friendly”

“The singalong was great – challenging but exciting. I’ve learnt something new.”

“A very joyful time!”