Our Story

Resonate was founded by actor, singer, songwriter and producer Annalie Wilson. Her desire was to create an umbrella under which to offer coaching and workshops in all aspects of voice production. With in-depth training and over 20 years of professional experience as a singer, actor and presenter, she has a plethora of tools with which to address a range of needs. 

Annalie has devoted much of her life to vocal exploration in a variety of ways. She began working as a jazz and pop singer and pianist at the West Yorkshire Playhouse whilst still at school. She went on to train at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art (now Central School of Speech & Drama) where she encountered various approaches to embodied voice, including Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method and Yoga. She began releasing her own music in 2009 and went on to train with top vocal coach Kim Chandler. In 2013 she first encountered the work of Frank Kane, and through him Georgian folksong and the exploration of vibrational connection.

Annalie won the UK national Rock The House competition in 2014 and performed at the Houses of Parliament. She has toured in Poland and Norway, and played at numerous venues in the UK including most recently Green Note in Camden as alter ego Luna Bec. Alongside her work as an actor and musician, Annalie has trained extensively in meditation and yoga. She lived for several years in a Buddhist community, is a qualified meditation instructor, and has worked as a mentor on youth meditation retreats. These practices have enriched her artistic endeavours with the cultivation of body awareness, focus, authentic presence and above all, patience.

In 2021 following a series of traumatic events, Annalie lost her voice completely, and when it returned she had ongoing difficulties with singing.  After months of despair and exploration she was finally diagnosed with Muscle Tension Dysphonia, a condition in which the vocal cords fail to close fully as a result of stuck trauma in the body. Thanks to a grant from Help Musicians she was able to receive sessions of voice rehabilitation with expert coach Dane Chalfin.  The opportunity to learn again from scratch has given Annalie a renewed understanding and empathy with those who suffer emotional blockages to singing and speaking.